I try to enter into projects with a loose idea of the outcome, letting the subject tell the story from their own point of view. Here are a few of my recent projects filmed in Spokane, Washington which focus on relationships and community.


Chloe Rowles 2017 Reel:

Artist’s Struggle:
A look into the creative lives of three artists out of Spokane, Washington.

London’s Ultimate Catering:
A short profile on the catering company located in Riverside Place, shot during SFCC’s 2017 Shootout Competition.

Cocktails and Dreams 2017
A reminiscent look at an event at Luna Restaurant in Spokane, WA.

Sustainability in Spokane:
A documentary looking into how farm-to-table dining can be carried out by young professionals in Spokane, Washington.

A non-narrated depiction of the relationship between man and beast.